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The Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance (CCEG) which is the world’s leading Think Tank on the Movement of Value and established in 2013 based on a theoretical framework in 2011. We have 5 divisions within a not-for-profit structure that carries 120,000 members. We are independent of any particular organisation.


Metrics division


This is housed in www.seratio.com which provides open source non-financial metrics. We have over 100 commissions and provide SaaS platforms to support government legislative frameworks for UK (eg. Social Value Act 2012), Modern Slavery Act 2015 , 5 EU commissions, 2% law in India/Indonesia/Mauritius, etc. We also have an active research interest in Personal Value. We have our own journal Social Value & Intangibles Review


Blockchain division


We have one of the largest blockchain teams in the world operating in an academic environment () which includes the UK’s first (and so far only) official ICO operating under FCA (www.seratio-coins.world). You will see there our advisors include Eversheds Sutherlands solicitors – a global firm, and Chandler Guo who is now owner of US$ 10 billion bitcoin and a third of Ethereum in the world (https://irishtechnews.ie/why-seratio-is-a-unique-ico-chandler-guo-world-blockchain-summit-dubai-25th-october-2017/)


We have 10 open source whitepapers https://github.com/seratio/whitepaper and a 24/7 news feed https://seratio-coins.world/news/


We have c. 20 commissions from prestigious organisations to for TGE (Token Generating Events) for www.womenscoin.com launched in New York and House of Lords, Student Coin www.studentcoin.uk, Growth Impact Token www.growthtoken.uk, Black Value Coin www.ubuntucoin.io, City Coin www.cityblockcha.in, Islam Coin  (http://ow.ly/9nD3306wUdk), UNDP Coin (www.cceg.org.uk/lab), etc.


We run the IoV Blockchain Alliance for Good (www.bisgit.org). We have signed two 5 year agreements to provide Blockchain education and solutions to Fordham University in New York, and Chengdu UESTC University in China (the largest blockchain solution provider for Chinese government). On 23 June 2018 CCEG will release the inaugural edition of the first independent international peer review journal in the sector, Frontiers in Blockchain, in partnership the world’s largest open access academic publisher, Frontiers Media https://blog.frontiersin.org/2018/04/19/blockchain-journal-olinga-taeed-christopher-clack). 

Cyber Futures division


We have setup a consortium of 15 universities, and partnership with Microsoft, Tata, British Telecom and Informa Plc (FTSE 100 company in education) at www.cyberfutures.net. This has 2 funding commitments through Edcast.com (backed by Softbank – largest software VC in the world) and Kerzner Family Office in South Africa. Edcast is a global provider of MOOC’s and our online education partner.


Efficiency Exchange division


As from 2nd October we are the owners of www.efficiencyexchange.ac.uk which was given to us by 4 organisations that run universities in the UK – HEFCE, JISC, UniversitiesUK and LFHE. In return we are educating the sector on value in the sector. We also have ownership of exchange.ac.uk which we intend to be the basis of a new Digital University for September 2018 release as a global proposition.


Rothbadi - Blockchain Impact Institutional Consultancy and Advisory


We have secured UK£ 1m funding to start a high end institutional consultancy and advisory aimed at banks, corporates, investment houses including impact/faith investing, incubators, family offices, governments, NGO ’s, UHNWI, etc (www.rothbadi.com). It is established in Zurich but also using the CCEG presence in Shanghai, New York, Kochi, Tokyo and London.



News Feeds: https://seratio-coins.world/news/                     

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